Melissa’s 2010 – as per Facebook

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2010 – Year in Review

December 29th, 2010 posted by Daddy Posted in Beebo, Eme, Friends & Family, Grandmas & Grandpas, Mommy & Daddy, Other, Poke and Catcher, Special Occasions 5 Comments »

Originally, this was supposed to be a letter to stuff into a Christmas card.  That card should have had these pictures on it (click on the pics to see them bigger):


However, that card never materialized.  So I’m posting this here.

Here’s what happened with the Dylan family in 2010:

[more – lots more – below the break]

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Melissa’s Going to Africa

October 25th, 2010 posted by Daddy Posted in Mommy & Daddy, Special Occasions 1 Comment »

In case you hadn’t heard. She’s leaving on the 30th of this month and she’ll be gone 22 days. We’re going to miss her while she’s gone.


She’s going for a good cause; to help these kids in Malawi and Uganda: Children of the Nations

Send prayers and/or money, please. We’d prefer mostly prayers, but would accept money in lieu. Thank you.


Some cute kids from Malawi, that remind us of Eme and Ruby: Malawi kids

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Imaginary Friends and Magic

July 6th, 2010 posted by Mommy Posted in Beebo, Eme, Mommy & Daddy 2 Comments »

We will post pictures soon of our trip to Sacramento, amongst other random awesomeness.  (Ruby + Karate Class = Awesome squared)

Meanwhile, here is some verbal cuteness.

Ruby (coming up behind me in garden and whispering):  This is my mom.
Me (turning around and seeing her holding an invisible hand):  Hello.
Ruby:  This is Henny.  He’s my only prince.
Me:  Well, hello, Henny.  It’s nice to meet you.
Ruby:  Yeah.  He came to visit me.
Me:  That was nice of you, Henny.
Ruby:  I just called him on the phone and he came over.
Me:  Oh, that’s nice.  Does he know you’re a princess?
Ruby:  Yes.  I’m Sleeping Beauty.
Me:  Oh, of course.  Did Henny rescue you with a kiss?
Ruby:  No.  He just rescued himself.  From a dragon.  He just had a scary dragon, and then I came with my pointy knife and scared the dragon, and the dragon ran away.
Me:  Oh, so you rescued the prince?
Ruby (as if I’m stupid):  Ye-es!
Me:  That’s right, you did.

Yesterday Eme was playing with Paul’s hat, by herself.
Eme:  Abracadabra, what is in it? (Pulls out a make-up brush.)  Its!  A!  Paintbrush!  Yay!

Ruby, at the mall:  Mommy?  Can you just carry me?  Because if I walk people might bonk into me and bonk me down and I’d fall down and get a cut and then I would bleed and bleed and bleed and there would be an ocean of blood tonight, so you’d better carry me so I don’t get bonked down.

Ruby:  When I grow up I want to be a baseball pitcher, and then I’ll THROW and then I’ll WIN THE RACE and then maybe I’ll get a trophy and then I’ll bring it home and then don’t break it because it’s fragile, and then if you break it I’ll be sad because it’s my very special trophy.

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By popular demand… Christmas pictures!

January 7th, 2010 posted by Mommy Posted in Beebo, Eme, Mommy & Daddy, Special Occasions 2 Comments »

Starting from Auntie Heather’s visit.


Looking at photo albums.


The picking of the nose.


Bonding over a shared love for giraffes.  Ruby called the giraffe pillow a “giraffillow.”


Story time!


The girls played Angels in the church Christmas Pageant!


“Sit still.  We’re trying to take a picture.”


Uh-oh, looks like the halo is slipping…


Onstage with Baby Alex, starring as Jesus.


Aaaaand, the halo has officially fallen.


Sleeping angel.


Helping Grandma make a stocking.


All done!


Santa came!


Tandem gift-ripping!


Ruby saw two dolls and said “This one is for me, and this one is for Eme.”




“If you’re happy and you know it, shout hooray!” sez dolly.  “Hooray!” shouts Ruby.  Dolly mysteriously stopped talking later that day.  Hmm, must have gotten broken…


Fake fish tank.  Eme calls all fish Nemo.


Ruby’s musical stylings on her new piano.


After dinner, Eme finds a hideout.


Pandemonium with Uncle Buddha!


Oh my cute.


Okay, blurry, but look alike, much?


Eme’s turning blonde.  Eerie…


Tickle time with Grandma!


Eme climbed up Ruby, saying, “Sorry.  Sorry.  Sorry.  Sorry.”


Zoo visit!  Obligatory giraffe picture.  Of the giraffe, Eme said “Scary.”

Aaaaand, scene.

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