California Here We Come (right back where we started from…)

June 30th, 2009 posted by Daddy Posted in Special Occasions, Vacations 3 Comments »

Since we’re leaving in a little over 24 hours, I thought we’d update the trip itinerary for those interested:

Wednesday 11pm (Hawaii time): airplane leaves the island, hopefully with me, Melissa, and a couple sleeping babies aboard.

Thursday 7am (California time): land in San Francisco, pick up rental car, drive to Sacramento. In Sacramento we’re staying with Jim & Marsha where Ruby and I will pay for our lodging with our song/dance act.

Friday 11am-ish: leave Sacramento, drive back to San Francisco. Go to rehearsal and then rehearsal dinner. Afterwards (10pm-ish?) drive to Jim & Louise Tanno’s to stay the night there.

Saturday 230pm: wave goodbye to Ruby & Eme and drive back to San Francisco. Get dressed, go to wedding. Have fun. Stay the night in a hotel in SF while the girls stay with Jim & Louise.

Sunday morning: take aspirin, drive back to Jim & Louise’s house to pick up Ruby & Eme. Flip a coin. Heads we go to Atascadero, tails we go to Fresno. Actually, I’m leaning toward taking the drive to Atascadero, visiting with Grandpa and Uncle Jim for a while and then heading to Fresno the same night to stay with Starla & Lou and the kids. That’s a lot of driving for the girls in one day, but that leaves the whole next day open with no driving at all.

Monday: Fresno? Fres-YES!! Spend the whole day with the Howards, see Patrick & Courtney (hopefully Alex, too?), see Rob & Tami, see Mom & Grandma and anyone else who cares to experience the Dylans in the magical oasis that is Fresno, California!

Tuesday 8am: leave Fresno, head back to the airport in San Francisco, say goodbye to the mainland for at least another year. Flight home leaves at 3pm California time.

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The Dylan Family is Going to California!!

June 19th, 2009 posted by Daddy Posted in Friends & Family, Grandmas & Grandpas, Special Occasions, Vacations 3 Comments »

We’re going to California in July to be a part of our friends Dave & Ronda’s wedding and hopefully to visit as many of our loved ones as possible.  It’s going to be a whirlwind tour.  Here is the trip itinerary as planned so far:


Thursday, July 2nd:  arrive in San Francisco at 7am, pick up rental car, drive to Sacramento (stay with relatives? unconfirmed)

Friday:  drive back to San Francisco (must arrive by 4pm for wedding rehearsal).  Don’t know yet where we’re staying this night.

Saturday:  DAVE & RONDA’s WEDDING!  Staying at a hotel near Union Square, SF.

Sunday:  driving down the coast to visit Grandpa Dave, Uncle Jim and whoever else happens to be in the area.  No arrangements for accommodations yet.

Monday: Hopefully still in Atascadero or nearby and spending the day with family, but we realize that this is a work day for most.  We’d rather not have to drive anywhere this day, because the girls are going to be overloaded on carseat time as it is on this trip.  Hopefully we can see some family on this day.  We’re especially hopeful that the Dylan girls get to meet their cousins, the Howards, either Sunday or Monday.

Tuesday, July 7th:  driving back to SFO.  Flight home leaves at 3:05pm.


When I write it all out like this, it looks like a really short trip and I guess it is.  If all goes well, however, we should be able to see lots and lots of family and friends in this short time.  I hope we get to see you, too.  Of course, any of this can and probably will change at a moment’s notice, but this is the tentative schedule we’re working with right now.

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Washington pictures!

April 14th, 2008 posted by Beebo Dylan Posted in Beebo, Grandmas & Grandpas, Vacations, Videos No Comments »

Finally, here are some pictures from my trip to Washington!

I stayed at Grandma’s house and we played.

And we rode the ferry to Seattle and saw friends and went to Pike’s Place Market.

And we stayed at Grandpa’s house.

And they threw a birthday party for me and Annabelle! Because? We have the same birthday! Only it’s not until May. But I won’t be there in May. So, birthday party NOW!

We eat cake.

The rest of the pictures are in the link at the top of this post.

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Back from Washington!

April 9th, 2008 posted by Beebo Dylan Posted in Grandmas & Grandpas, Vacations, Videos No Comments »

I saw Grandma and Grandpa. And Grandma. And Grandma. And lots of other people, too.

Here is just a preview. I’m on a swing! More pictures will follow.

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So many updates.

March 31st, 2008 posted by Beebo Dylan Posted in Beebo, Mommy & Daddy, Vacations No Comments »

We moved to a new house!

It has three bedrooms. I have my own room! I sleep alllllllll night long!

Mommy and Daddy went to Kauai.

Without me! I stayed at Auntie Ke’ala’s house. It was fun!

Mommy had a book signing.

She is famous!

I can say 5 words: dada, what’s that (uzzat?), Catcher (tch-chrr), uh-oh, and socks.

Socks are yummy. Nom nom nom nom nom!

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