Ruby’s First Five Years

I was looking at old pictures and tearing up (as in crying, not as in ripping) over them, so I figured I’d give you all a chance to do the same.  Here are Ruby’s first five years in pictures.

She’s a week old here.  Like how we’re smiling like we totally know what we’re doing?  LIES.










Tiny adorable baby head!










Three weeks old.  This is the first picture of her smile.  Even this young she looks like she’s humoring me.










She still looks exactly the same.













Um.  So, I wanted to get a picture of her in the worlds tiniest pair of jammies that I’d been staring at since I was pregnant.  Only she was about to outgrow them like any minute so I had to do it QUICK.  I set her down to take the photo.  She did not like that.  Anywho, here’s a picture of her doing what she spent most of her first sixth months doing.  She was a screamer.













Here’s dad, teaching her the basics.  About 3 months.










Our first family portrait.








Beebo’s first Halloween!  5 months










She can stand up!  This is about 6 months.













With Santa for the first time.  I love the whole “What are we doing here?” look on her face.










Her first Christmas.  Also:  blocks are yummy.










Playing Christmas carols together!










Auntie Heather came to visit! 8 months  (age of  child, not length of visit)










She has some teeth.










Hanging in the dugout with dad.






















Her best friend Iokepa turns 1.  Kepa’s mom Keala is Ruby’s babysitter.  (Ruby is about 10 months old here.)  P.S.  I’m like 4 months pregnant in this picture.










April 2008 visit to Washington!  10 months old with Grandmas Barb and Carol.










With twin cousin Annabelle (born 1/2 hour apart, in different time zones).










And, of course, Grandpa Mark.













First Birthday!




















Before the party we went to the aquarium.  (I’m 6 months along and finally starting to show.)










Some pictures from the next few months: we went sailing on Auntie Malia’s boat!










And we went to the beach a lot.










And hung out in the backyard.











Ruby’s first pitch.










She helped me open presents at my baby shower.










Until finally:  she’s a big sister!  This is the first moment she and Eme met.  (Ruby is 15 months old.)  This is also the moment Eme was dubbed Eme.  As the legend goes: we said “This is your new sister, Eva-Marie,” and Ruby responded “Hi Ee-mee!”  The weird spelling is another legend entirely.













Ruby helped the doctor do the first examination.  She’s all “EYES” and points at the eyes, and we’re all “Good thing you were here to help, Ruby.”  (We really were, because we wanted Ruby to still feel SPECIAL and IMPORTANT.)










We had to remind Ruby to be nice because she kinda wanted to hit her little sister, hard.  So we  would say “Be nice, Ruby.”  And Ruby would pet Eme’s head and say “Niiiiiiiice.”  P.S.  Eme has jaundice and moments later was taken to the hospital for an overnight stay.  Nice color, no?










Eleven days later we attended a wedding.  I was crazy enough to bring the whole clan.










Ruby was protective right away.










Auntie Heather visits again!  Ruby is about 1 1/2 and discovers her love of fashion.












Grandpa Mark and Grandma Kay came out in November, 2008, to renew their wedding vows.







That’s when we get this iconic image:













Tell me we’re not the most adorable family ever.  I DARE YOU.









It’s nearly New Year’s Eve, which is a big fireworks holiday on Oahu.  Here’s how we learned Ruby had been playing with fireworks:  her babysitter Keala sent me this picture.













Right before Christmas, hanging on the back porch.  (Sadly, this is one of the last photos we have of my crazy-awesome cat Poke.)










This guy, again?










A walk through the botanical garden in January, 2009.










We feed ducks.










She’s ready to be just like Daddy.










Ruby’s first haircut. (Feb. 2009; about 1 year and 9 months old.)










Ta da!











Family portrait on the beach by our house.










Ruby and Mommy, March 2009 (age 1 yr, 10 months)










Chuck-E-Cheese with Daddy










UH Baseball Game, April 2009.  Ruby is Hindu for a minute.










Just before she turned 2 she learned how to climb out of her crib.  I mean, sometimes.  Not in this picture.










So…it’s time to take the rail off and make it a big-girl bed!










It’s Easter, and Ruby and the Peeps are COMING TO GET YOU.  (That will be the name of her first band/album.)










Playing in the yard, Eme’s mad because she can’t ride the tricycle.










But Big Sis has got it covered.










This hammock was my Mother’s Day gift that year.










For some reason, there are no pictures of Ruby’s 2nd Birthday.  This makes sense, because although I know Callie took some pictures, they were lost in the same way that Ruby was discovered by strangers in the parking lot because no one at her own party was paying attention to them.  Somewhere in computer shuffles, they disappeared, the photos.

But pictures of my own birthday that year have survived, and here they are, starring Ruby.  We went to the zoo.  Keep watching, there is an eerily similar picture 3 years later.










We are, apparently, having a disagreement.










We lit the candles.  Then, somehow, when no one was looking, they all went out again.  Mystery!













In early July we visited California for a wedding and to visit family, and managed to get almost no pictures of the trip.  Well?  YOU try traveling with a not-even-1-year-old and a just-turned-2-year-old.  You can’t.  You’re not as hard-core as we are.

Anyhoodle, here’s Ruby with her cousin and new Best Friend Kaylani.  Watch for an eerily similar picture two years later.










Our first mini-golf experience.










Also: our last mini-golf experience.  Check the major tantrum, and Eme being all “Calm down.  Geez.”










Kickin’ it to the worship music at Bluewater Mission:













Eme turns 1!  Ruby celebrates with a pinata.













We’re at the beach. It’s raining.  Who cares?










First Official Theatrical Performance:  I think it was West Side Story?  Why did I pick something to violent?  Did someone give me tickets to this?  Callie?  Andrew?












First 4-person Dylan Family Halloween.  Do I need to explain who we all are?  Ok, good.










Already insisting on sharing a bed.












Auntie Heather came to visit again and proved herself to be way cooler than all of you by getting a RUBY tattooed on her BACK.










Did you get a Ruby tattooed on your back?  No.  You did not.










They have a special bond, you see.










Christmas Tree 2009!  I guess Gilligan dropped by.  I don’t know.













Someone looks like her mommy.










Christmas giddyness!










A very special Christmas performance.










Making a stocking with Grandma Pam.













For the Christmas performance at church.













Seriously, this guy again?  He’s everywhere!










March 2010, a hike off the Old Pali Highway.










Another beach day.  This group of Japanese tourists wanted to eat her up.














Our last photo session with Aunt Callie, March 2010 (2 years, 10 months)













Some BFFS (Callie, Malia, Alex)










Well, then we moved to Poulsbo, Washington.  It’s a long story.  Anyway, this is Ruby’s first time wearing a coat.  Ever.










Shortly after that, Ruby turned THREE!










That’s when she officially became a Princess.










First Major League Baseball Game!










Summoned for official Princess duty by John Knox (Aug. 2010)










They meet the Queen.










That year I got a sewing machine from Paul for my (33nd) birthday.  These skirts were the first thing I made!










With her Best Friend Pepper at their preschool/daycare. (October 2010)










Something’s going on here that she doesn’t like.










Early morning in their new bedroom!










Halloween 2010!










Late Nov. 2010: Ruby’s first snow!



















First snowman.  Which she later ate.










Choosing the Christmas tree!  I don’t know why she’s dressed as a pumpkin.  She just is.













A delicious Christmas snack!













Roller skating with her preschool class! (March 2011)










Spring Break 2011.  Where did my little baby go?



























A trip to Sephora.










Playing in the bay beyond our back deck.  Ruby decided to bring a drum to serenade the ocean.













We went to a pizza place and on the way back to the car, Ruby decided to stop and decorate the sidewalk.













It’s hard to explain what’s going on here.  So I won’t.










This is the only picture of Ruby we got on her 4th birthday.  She looks crazed and angry.  I swear she’s not.










Here’s that rainbow that Ruby either conjured or predicted.










We traveled down to California again in June.  Remember that picture of Kaylani and Ruby that I said was eerily similar to another?  Check it:




















The unfortunate incident of the under-supervised children and the open bar.











Making pancakes at Auntie Marsha’s House (a favorite):











Ruby’s first ballet class.














Carvalho Family Reunion:





















The first of many road trips, you can expect to see lots of pictures in the future like this.  “Ruby, Eme, stand over there.  Smile!”  (That would be Mount Shasta behind them.)










Ruby’s favorite summer hang-out behind our house.













Back with the Queen, this time it’s Dorothy and a mermaid.  John Knox is still in the back.










Playing at the lake. (August 2011, age 4)










This picture pretty much sums up our summer:













Pumpkin patch!










Halloween 2011










Christmas concert!










Shiny Christmas dress!













Remember the goat pictures I said was eerily similar to another one?  Check it:


















Ruby’s Fifth Birthday Tea Party











Here she is excited about her first pair of Skechers.  Yes, a shoe company successfully marketed a $55 shoe to my 5-year-old.  Nay, my 3-year-old, who was all “SKECHERS!” right along with big sis.  Well played, shoe company.











Wearing said Skechers.













And that about sums it up, folks.  Somehow this:










Became this:













The end.


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  1. unca J and aunty m Says:

    Oh, I just l-o-v-e this montage! Ruby was a beautiful baby, and it is so hard to imagine how this whole transformation has taken place in just 5 short years. But when I think of what the next 5 will bring, it’s even more mind boggling, and then the 5 after that, and thennnn…! You’d think I hadn’t been through this miracle before, but I guess that just goes to show that it will always be a miracle…. I especially love the pictures of the immediate bond that formed between Ruby and Eme. Irreplaceable… thanks for sharing your lives this way. xoxo

  2. Wow, and I thought my two were growing up fast! Treasure every moment you can.

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